Presentations and Invited Talks


“Falling Through the ‘Universal’ Coverage Cracks: Latin American Immigrants’ Healthcare Access in Boston.” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Scholars Annual Meeting, June 6, 2013.



“Vulnerable Populations and Implementation of the Affordable Care Act: Lessons from MA Health Reform.”  Association of Black Sociologists, August 16-18, 2012.



“Healthcare Reform and Access for Vulnerable Populations in Massachusetts.” Massachusetts Bar Association, Boston, June 15, 2012.

Immigrants' Health and Healthcare Access in the US


As an immigration researcher, I wanted to explore the intersection of immigration and health policy in MA. The aims of this project were to more comprehensively examine MA health policy, its similarities to the ACA, and how immigrants in MA navigate the state's healthcare system post-reform. For this project, I conducted 70 qualitative interviews in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish with Brazilian and Dominican immigrants, healthcare providers who serve immigrant and minority populations, and leaders of immigrant and health organizations in Boston.  


In addition to asking immigrant respondents about their current health outcomes and experiences accessing healthcare in the US, I also inquired about their pre-migration health status and experiences with the healthcare systems in Brazil and the Dominican Republic. This allowed me to explore how they "transnationally" negotiate their health "here" in the US and "there" in their home countries.


Funding for this project came from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Scholars Program.




Manuscripts in Progress


 “Citizenship Matters: Examining Health Service Use Differences between US and Foreign-Born Latinos” with Margarita Alegria (2nd author), under review. 


"What Healthcare Rform Means for Immigrants: A Comparison of the Massachusetts and Affordable Care Act Health Reform Policies, under review.



"Frozen Out: Unauthorized Immigrants' Access to Care after Health Care and Immigration Reforms" with Helen Marrow (1st author), under review.


Volunteering at the Brazilian Women's Group in MA


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